HGH Injections

Physicians have discovered, studied and proven the remarkable age-reversing effect of HGH Injections, Produced by the anterior pituitary gland located in the exact center of the human brain. Like all hormones, HGH is a protein. Proteins are made up of the body's building blocks known as amino acids. The largest of the proteins by the pituitary gland, HGH consists of 191 amino acids.

In 1981, Eli Lily succeeded in making a 191-amino acid hormone that was 100 percent identical, physically, chemically and biologically, to the one produced by the human pituitary.

After age 35, the average weight of a healthy man changes only minimally, but his body composition undergoes drastic changes as a result of lowered HGH levels. His body fat expands by approximately 50 percent, while his lean body mass (LBM) decreases by approximately 30 percent. The result is a body that is softer and rounder, but which weighs relatively the same, because muscle is denser and heavier than fat.

As age 21, the normal level of circulating HGH in a healthy adult is about 10 milligrams per deciliter. By age 65, a drastic 80 percent decline to only 2 milligrams per deciliter is the average. Human Growth Hormone therapy can restore HGH levels to those of healthy 20 and 30 year olds.

After 6 months of HGH Injections, studies have shown an average loss in body fat of between 9 and 12 percent and 10 to 15 percent gain in muscle mass without diet or exercise. Just imagine what the results would be when a prescribed diet and exercise regimen were included with the HGH Injections.

The rejuvenating effects of HGH are global, acting on both the mind and body, anatomy and physiology, form and function. In addition to a loss of pounds and inches producing a leaner, more muscular body, HGH therapy provides a gain in bone density, thicker more resilient skin, increased sex drive and performance, greater strength and stamina plus a healthier outlook on life and general well being.

As satisfied HGH replacement therapy participants have proclaimed HGH injections is the best anti-aging treatment money can buy.

These are just a few of the positive affects that go with HGH injections

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a proactive approach to health. It is a doctor-prescribed replacement and supplementation of your body's vital hormones, such as human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone and melatonin plus others, to rejuvenate the body naturally and safely. By recreating youthful levels of these vital hormones through HRT, it has been proven that you can dramatically slow down and even reverse your aging process.

After the blood levels of certain hormones, such as HGH, testosterone, DHEA and melatonin, peak in our teens and twenties, they slowly decline for the rest of our lives. Others, such as estrogen during menopause, decline rapidly. Whether rapid or gradual, no decline in our vital hormones is to your body's benefit. Today, after a great deal of research and many studies designed to test the effects of various hormone replacement therapies, we know that restoring youthful levels of your vital hormones can keep you looking and feeling younger throughout your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

You cannot begin HRT without a qualified physician's prescription.

The first step is to make a call to Medical Arts Therapy. You will find out a complete medical history online, by fax or by mail. The physician will create a detailed personal history of you, answer any questions you may have regarding HRT and schedule an appointment with the laboratory to have a blood test to determine your hormone levels through analysis. Based upon your examination, history and the results of your blood tests, the physician should then determine whether you are a suitable candidate for HRT. If you qualify, the physician will then prescribe an individualized HRT plan for you.

HRT can be your means to a more youthful, stronger, healthier and self-confident life for many years to come, but it should always be physician prescribed based upon your individual hormone levels and your suitability for such therapy.

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